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RE: [IP] Insulin pump/Lantus

I do feel she is dangerous.  I wrote her a letter to explain all my
complaints about her (the diabetes ones weren't all...).  I probably should
have reported her, but I know she's had malpractice suits against her before
that she won somehow.  This was about 10 years ago so it's probably too late

We need to RUN, not walk, away from these quacks.


T1 since 1974, MM522& CGMS
Manassas, VA

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Don't all states have board examinations for licensing doctors?  And 
boards that listen to complaints?  She sounds downright dangerous. Denise

Sue Leferson wrote:
> Glad you walked out.  I sure hope she's not an endo.  I walked out of my
> office when she told me I didn't need an endo and the A1c was enough to
> monitor me, that I didn't need daily testing.  I found a fabulous endo, an
> incredible CDE and a super PCP.  They even communicate with each other!
> Life is good.
> Sue 
> T1 since 1974, MM522& CGMS
> Manassas, VA
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