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Re: [IP] MM pumps/static electricity

My understanding is that while rare static electricity can potentially 
disrupt any electronics type of gadgets like pumps, cell phones, TV's, i 
pods etc.   I've worn Minimed pumps for about 6 years now and actually 
had my first episode of static electricity problems this past summer 
while visiting my parents in eastern Washington over the 4th of July.  
There were several thunderstorms that came through the area and I ended 
up with a few bouts of "frozen screen" basically where no buttons would 
work.  The fix was to pull the battery for 5 minutes and put in a new 
one.  I did go through a few batteries that weekend.   The pump is fine 
no further problems noted upon return to western Washington.  And to 
also note I've been in eastern Washington many times with similiar 
humidity and weather patterns with absolutely no problems with static 
electricity and Minimed's pump.  So have absolutely no idea why this 
past summer was different.  The static electricity did not affect the 
sensor at all. 

I've only worn Minimed so can't speak to other brands of pumps.


Kimberlie Figg wrote:
> The "static problem" has been a problem with ALL pumps, especially the older
> ones like the 507 and 508.  You hear more about it happening with Minimed
> because they have 80% of the market share.  It is really no longer a problem
> with  ANY of the newer pumps.  The technologies have improved and it is just
> not seen very often.
>  Kimberlie Figg
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> Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2008 10:59:52 PM
> Subject: [IP] MM pumps/static electricity
> My daughter had a MM508 (actually about 6 of them) until 3 years ago
> when we went with Animas for her new pump.  She kept getting E13 error
> messages and the MM508 would shut down.  MM said it was due to static
> electricity.  She tried all their suggested solutions, but nothing
> worked, so they would send another 508 and the same thing would happen.
> As we are beginning to think about a new pump choice and looking at the
> CGMS systems,  I'm wondering if MM has finally fixed this static problem
> in their pumps.  She has never had a static problem with the Animas like
> we did with the MM.  Anyone know?
> .
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