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Re: [IP] October 18 speech Living with Diabetes for 52 years

Dr. Steve Edelman gives info re all kinds of complications of D in his 
book.  Go to the TCOYD website and look around.  Denise Bricher

email @ redacted wrote:
> I am scheduled to be the second speaker at the Diabetes Update workshop.   I 
> plan to talk about diabetes in the good old days and maybe what has happened 
 > to me from 1956 to the present date. My second part will be my body and what
 > effect diabetes has had on it. I will start with the toes. Are hammer toes
> something from diabetes?   Then the plantar fascitis.   Then moving up to my 
> broken left femur 10 years ago and the ostepenia diagnosis.   Next the 
>  prostate cancer. I still blame androderm. Heart is OK and gets checked
> regularly.
>  Then the allergies.   The nose?   Mine do affect my BG.   Heart is OK.   
> Then a misdiagnosis of my lymph gland which was taken out.   Probably not 
 > diabetes related just a doctor who wanted to take it out. Also the
 > contracture in both hands. Another operation not done right by another
> Frozen shoulder but it might not have been caused by diabetes.   One Friday 
 > night bowling Men's league had a teammate who liked to slap a person's hand
> very hard after a strike or a spare.     I blame him.   Moving up.   
 > Periodontal disease. Something about my ears also that Elocon takes care of.
> don't
> use much of that.   The eyes--no retinopathy but I am a glaucoma suspect.   
 > The brain? I am going to give credit to playing bridge as something that is
> good mental exercise and also builds up the immune system.   You can look it 
> up.   
> I guess that's it.   Like the guy on DLife who has been diabetic 60 years, I 
> guess I have to give credit to having the right attitude.   And I am always 
> big on exercise.   I recommend a treadmill to everyone, diabetic or not.   I 
 > have a neighbor who walks along the River in the winter. He fell through the
> ice twice last year.   My advice to him?   Get a treadmill!   LOL
> Cheers,
> Jim Durr
> Ogdensburg, NY
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