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Re: [IP] How does frozen shoulder start?

Another option is just manipulation while under anesthetic.

I had a frozen shoulder about 2 years ago and my ortho put me out and  
manually broke the bond.  PT after was for the most part very easy  
very little pain or discomfort, but this is my experence.   I would  
say I recovered at least 95% of my mobility and the only thing that  
went in my body was a syringe with a pain killer and anti-inflammatory  
agent right after he got done.  Sure beat having arthroscopy done and  
turned out as well if not better.

If you happen to be in Austin, TX the doctor that did my procedure was  
Dr. Kalin Kelso.

Hope that helps.

Jonathan W Smith
email @ redacted

On Aug 13, 2008, at 10:53 PM, Don Boothby wrote:
> I would like to second David's opinion.  I've had the arthoscopy  
> done to
> both shoulder.  The second was a mere week ago.  My right shoulder  
> (the
> first surgery) had a very limited range of motion.  After several  
> weeks
> (more like a few months), I recovered about 95% of my range of  
> motion.  This
> time, my left shoulder feels about the same as it did before and it  
> is a lot
> better already.  I'm trying to say that the surgeries were both huge
> successes in my mind.  The put my under, buzzed a couple of bone  
> spurs, took
> out some of the inflammed tissue, and manipulated my shoulder under
> anesthesia (which is most of the pain during the recovery.   I'm off  
> my pain
> medications and now only feel sore.  I have limited movement, but if  
> this is
> like last time, I should recover almost all my movement.
> Hope this helps.  I can tell you more if you are interested.   I don't
> remember details too well anymore, but would recommend it 100% to  
> others
> contemplating it.
> I echo the "Good Luck" and wish you well.  We will keep you in our  
> prayers,
> ...Don (and the rest of the family)
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 7:56 PM, DAVID HANCOCK
> <email @ redacted>wrote:
>> I've had 2 frozen shoulders and I honestly can't remember any sharp  
>> pains
>> when they started but my memory is usually lacking. I do remember  
>> the first
>> one just felt sore at first and I thought it was just sore from  
>> carrying my
>> son's hockey bag on that shoulder (he was only 6 at the time). It  
>> then
>> started to have limited movement and when I would try to move it  
>> further
>> than it wanted to go it had some sharp pain. Then it got to where it
>> wouldn't move much at all and hurt like the dickens with attempts  
>> at passive
>> motion (my 9 PT visits of pure torment). My PT kept saying we  
>> really needed
>> to push it so I wouldn't have to have it manipulated, leaving me to  
>> think
>> that the arthroscopy to fix it would be terrible. Arthroscopy was a  
>> picnic
>> compared to PT. I had both shoulders done within 6-8 months of each  
>> other.
>> The PT afterwards wasn't enjoyable but it was nothing like it had  
>> been
>> beforehand.
>> My doctor told me that a frozen shoulder would "thaw" on its own  
>> but it
>> could take years in someone with diabetes. I'm glad I did the
>> arthroscopies--recovery time was only about 2 weeks though the PT  
>> lasted
>> longer than that, and even though it's been about 4 years since,  
>> I'm still
>> getting range of motion back.
>> Good Luck!.
> .
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