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RE: [IP] Pump Decisions

Floyd you are to technical. Do like me ask someone close to you what color
they like.
Then buy a pump in that color. It has worked for me with insulin pumps and

John S Wilkinson
Rome, NY
"A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running."
-- Groucho Marx

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My Warrenty on the Deltec Cozmo Insulin Pump is up October 2008. There
appears to be no extended  warrenty.
             1. I have had one pump failure during the warrenty
period.  It occured on a Friday night and took until Tuesday to get
replacement.   I would like faster  response to pump failure.

             2. I do not have an appropriate computer to use
theCozmore  computerized management package.   I don't think that
would change with a new pump.

             3. I am used to this pump and get good results (A1c 6.0
to 6.1).

             4. In general medicare won't pay for pump or supplies.  I
am not sick enough as determined by the c-peptide test.  But Federal
Blue Cross paid 100%.  I don't know if Federal Blue Cross would pay
for new one.

             5. I like the attached  and integrated blood sugar
monitor but would consider one of the new Continuous Glucose Monitors
if Medicare or Blues would pay for it.

If I get a "new" Cozmo Pump and keep the current one it would answer
points 1 and 3.

If I try to get a new pump I would have a technology upgrade but then
would have to learn a new system.

Ideas?  Suggestions

Floyd Shipman
email @ redacted
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