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[IP] MM pumps/static electricity

<<<My daughter had a MM508 (actually about 6 of them) until 3 years ago when
we went with Animas for her new pump.  She kept getting E13 error messages and
the MM508 would shut down.  MM said it was due to static electricity.  She
tried all their suggested solutions, but nothing worked, so they would send
another 508 and the same thing would happen.  As we are beginning to think
about a new pump choice and looking at the CGMS systems,  I'm wondering if MM
has finally fixed this static problem in their pumps.  She has never had a
static problem with the Animas like we did with the MM.  Anyone know?>>>

The newer pumps have much less of a problem with static than the older pumps.
Supposedly the 507/508s were notorious for static problems, but it hasn't come
up as a serious problem with the newer pumps (Paradigm family).

The static problems also depend on where you live (static is definitely more
of a problem in drier climates, and I think it's also more of a problem at
higher altitudes too), which is why it's difficult to go by individual results
(YMMV, of course).  I've never had a single static issue with any of my MM
pumps over the last 8.5 years (508, 512 or 515), but I also live in a humid
area close to sea level.

I would recommend choosing the pump that has the features that will work for
you and your daughter, but keep the current pump as a back up.
Best of luck,

Sarah, dx'92, pumping'00
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