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RE: [IP] Pump Decisions

I appreciate your comments on this one, Brian.  Some of your points confirm
the way I was leaning in determining which pump to go with for my first one.
The reservoir size seemed an important factor to me, and the metering
convenient and affordable.


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I have been pumping for 12 years and I just re-ordered a new cozmo 
1800.  I have had a Minimed 506, Animas1000, Cozmo 1700, Cozmo 1800 ( I 
got a free upgrade from the 1700 to the 1800 last spring).

My reasons is that in terms of pump tech I don't see any difference 
between any of the pumps out there. 

The minimed does have a CGMS reading directly on the pump, but the pump 
in no way uses that reading to help calc correction bolus.  And I would 
still have to carry a separate meter to calibrate and double check the CGMS.
The Animas Ping is very interesting, but it currently doesn't have a 
CGMS built in, but I hear that the dexcom will be integrated at some 
point.  Who knows when.  So if you want CGMS then you will have 3 
devices (The pump, The pump PDA, and the CGMS).  Also, I believe the 
Animas still only has a 200ml reservoir so that was an automatic 
disqualification for me.

The Cozmo is essentially the same pump that It has been with the 1700, 
with a few enhancements.  It doesn't have CGMS.  Abbot and Smith medical 
are supposedly working together to integrate the Navigator in the same 
fashion that the current cozmore is integrated to the pump, but for the 
time being you have to have the separate navigate device to read CGMS or 
the Dexcom Device.  Overall you have to carry two devices, your pump 
(with attached meter) and the CGMS if you you want the CGMS.  Ifyou 
don't want the CGMS then you can just have the pump with the attached 
meter.  If you do use the Navigator CGMS, then you don't have to have 
the attached meter because the Navigator has a built in Flash meter also 
for calibrations. 

I chose the Cozmo.  I also had a pump failure on a Friday night and I 
got a new pump Monday morning.   However, I will be keeping my old Cozmo 
to I will have a backup in case of a pump failure.   I could also do 
this with another pump, but eventually, my supplies for the old cozmo 
would expire and having an old spare cozmo wouldn't do me any good. 

The decision is ultimately up to you and what you feel comfortable 
with.  /start_sarcasm  Just rest assured that whatever company you 
choose will probably have an enhancement in 6 months to a year and you 
might not qualify for an upgrade.  :) /end_sarcasm

MM506/Animas1000/Cozmo1700/Cozmo1800/Cozmo1800 (Current)
Pumping since 1996

SteimQuest wrote:
>  I too have a Cozmo and the warranty will be up in a few months. So I am
in a
> similar boat.
>  From reading what you said it would appear to me there are two choices
> should research.
 > 1) Going with the Cozmo again. It's nothing new but it is familiar to you
> you'll be able to jump on board without a hitch.
 > 2) If you are interested in a CGMS pump currently the only choice now is
 > Minimed. You can check too see if you would be able to get insurance
 > the CGMS before actually ordering it. Maybe this could be a first option,
 > technology leap is more important to you, and if it does not pan out fall
> on the Cozmo.
> Best wishes on your decision!
> Tim
> MM508/Cozmo (current)
> Pumping Insulin Since 2000
> Obama/Biden '08
> --- On Mon, 9/29/08, Floyd Shipman <email @ redacted> wrote:
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> Subject: [IP] Pump Decisions
>  To: email @ redacted, "Pumper Listserv"
> <email @ redacted>
> Date: Monday, September 29, 2008, 9:33 AM
>   Folks
> My Warrenty on the Deltec Cozmo Insulin Pump is up October 2008. There  
> appears to be no extended  warrenty.
>              1. I have had one pump failure during the warrenty  
> period.  It occured on a Friday night and took until Tuesday to get  
> replacement.   I would like faster  response to pump failure.
>              2. I do not have an appropriate computer to use  
> theCozmore  computerized management package.   I don't think that  
> would change with a new pump.
>              3. I am used to this pump and get good results (A1c 6.0  
> to 6.1).
>              4. In general medicare won't pay for pump or supplies.  I  
> am not sick enough as determined by the c-peptide test.  But Federal  
> Blue Cross paid 100%.  I don't know if Federal Blue Cross would pay  
> for new one.
>              5. I like the attached  and integrated blood sugar  
> monitor but would consider one of the new Continuous Glucose Monitors  
> if Medicare or Blues would pay for it.
> If I get a "new" Cozmo Pump and keep the current one it would answer 
> points 1 and 3.
> If I try to get a new pump I would have a technology upgrade but then  
> would have to learn a new system.
> Ideas?  Suggestions
> Floyd Shipman
> email @ redacted
> .
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