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Re: [IP] No Prime No Delivery Alert

 I've only ever had my Animas 1200, but definitely have had this alarm a few
times. I would agree that sometimes the pump seems sensitive, but given a choice
of too many alarms or not enough.....

 Also, I did get a tip from an Animas nurse who was helping me reset an alarm.
She told me that if a pump gets a certain number of alarms within a set period,
Animas will replace the pump. I think it was 3 alarms in a month, but that could
be way off. Since then, I always report the alarms, even if I know how to reset.

-- Anne

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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 13:47:59 
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Subject: Re: [IP] No Prime No Delivery Alert

 I've gotten errors like that on all three pumps (two Animas, one Cozmo) I've
used since I started pumping. Most of the time the error was due to my tubing
being pinched. Other times, which happen far less often, were due to overused
cartridge plungers not sliding very well (I use my cartridges multiple times),
kinked canulas, or just bad infusion site insertion.

 If the problem subsides after taking a "corrective" measure, I'd not worry
about it. I found that Animas' occlusion detector was VERY sensitive and tended
to over-report error conditions.


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Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 1:25:15 PM
Subject: [IP] No Prime No Delivery Alert

I have the Animas 2020.  Yesterday early morning out of nowhere I get a "no 
prime, no delivery " alert.  I primed 3 units and everything seemed normal. 
Animas could not tell me why this happend.  My battery cap was on tight and 
the rubber cap over the cartridge was also tight.  Anyone else have this 
happen to them?  Thanks, Sam. 
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