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RE: [IP] DKA Hospitalization question

Hi Shandi,

 > For those who have had to be
 > hospitalized for DKA, how long
 > was your stay? [...] He was
 > feeling fine, his blood sugars
 > were going down and they
 > helicoptered him to the bigger
 > hospital.

DKA can be iffy to treat, and even with good management, it can
creep up on the patient (and his doctors) many hours after the
initial event and hit them over the head.

For instance, the potassium/sodium balance is affected _massively_
by insulin and the lack thereof. So starting an insulin drip has
to be carefully monitored for hypokalaemia, as insulin drives
potassium into the cells. If the potassium/sodium balance is off,
nerves stop working. No nerves, no muscles. No muscles, heart

Mainly, the problem with DKA is not the BG value or even the
ketones; it's the metabolic acidosis. Reversing that safely takes
much longer than fixing the BG, and sometimes it takes all the
resources of an experienced ICU in a tertiary academic or referral

I hope you'll have your son back home soon --
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