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Re: [IP] new pumper

The sensor is a different 'animal' than your infusion set.  I get only about
4 days from my infusion set as well.  Your sensor technically is set to need
replacing at 3 days...the pump will kind of ask for that.  You can 'fool' it
into thinking it has a new sensor by simply telling it "new sensor" and it
will react just like it is new.  6 days is because the transmittor needs to
be recharged after about 6-7 days.  Some people can remove the transmittor,
charge it and replace it and get more than the 7 days out of a sensor.  I
just don't do that because I tape my sensor in place and to unstick it is
too much trouble.  Never any bumps with a sensor, it works differently than
an infusion set.  I do get a slight reaction where the transmittor sits...a
perfect outline of it.  Now I will place tape under it and that helps.

On 9/3/08, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Cynthia,
> How did you figure out the 6 days part? I,ve learned that I really need to
> keep
> my sets to about 3 days, or they start to hurt. Not pain so much as an
> ache,
> plus I get a yucky pump bump. Is the sensor length of time the same thing -
> just
> a YMMV based on your body, or is there something to do with the machine
> itself?
> My Animas 1200 is out of warranty and I'm headed back to Aetna in January
> (off
> a terrible PPO), so I'm trying to learn all I can.
> Thanks!
> Anne
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> From: "Cynthia VanDenBerge" <email @ redacted>
> Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 11:11:13
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] new pumper
> Actually, most of us do get more than the recommended (wink, wink) 3 days
> alloted by MM.  I will go 3 days and then key "new sensor" without taking
> the old one out.  Within minutes it will ask for your BG.  Very easy.  Some
> even will get longer, but I like to take it out on the evening if day 6 and
> get a nice strong charge on the transmitter.
> Anyway, problably "too much information" for you right now...but I am glad
> you are having such positive results on your pump and looking forward to
> hearing more as time goes on. Welcome        Cynthia
> On 9/3/08, timothy crowell <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >
> > I am totally new to you all so I'm 58 A RN who has type 2 but very
> insulin
> > resistant I was taking 60 Lantus and 68 novolog a day (68/3=32ish a meal)
> > about 30 carbs a meal now I'm at 2 u novolog/hr with boluses at 1 to 5
> > carbs
> > much less..I was manually corrective bolusing 2 or 4 times a day now I
> > finally switched to a pump and II love it.
> >
> > I got a Medtronic minimed paradigm 722 with the radio connected meter
> works
> > great. I hope to get the CGM but the insurance wants me to wait 3 months
> if
> > they will pay for it I'll be glad 2.I have worn it for 2 days and that
> > saved
> > me 16 shots and my bs has never been this level before. I had a ac1 of
> 6.0
> > with injections so I hope to hit the 5.5 with the pump..ha-ha
> >
> > Are there any usrs out there who leave the cgm wire in longer than the 3
> > days to defray the costci read they become more sensitive the longer they
> > are in and FDA approval for longer than 3 days is in the works.
> > .
> .
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