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[IP] CGMS approved as medically necessary, denied due to no contract with vendor

FYI to anyone trying to get insurance coverage for a Freestyle Navigator...

Anthem/BC of California approved my request for a Navigator CGMS system as
medically necessary, but Anthem doesn't have the billing codes for the
Navigator on their contract with resellers. This means that there's
basically no chance of Anthem covering the Navigator at this time. Since
we're nearing the end of the year, contracts are unlikely to change. I was
told that this could change with the beginning of the new year, when Anthem
and other health insurance companies are more willing to renegotiate their
contracts with resellers.

I opted to just buy the Navigator and try it for a couple months. I'm going
to try to submit a claim personally to Anthem in order to get coverage-- I
heard this works sometimes.

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