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RE: [IP] new pumper

	As Cynthia has just said, "TMI", but I'll add my 2 cents.  I'm T2,
and very resistant also.  At 130 units of Humalog/day, I basil at 2+ per
hour, and bolus at 3-4 per carb.  It varies mostly in the AM.  One item that
I've had to deal with is taking too much insulin at a time.  What I mean is
that if I need to bolus more than 10 units I'll dual or square wave the 10+
units over 30-60 min.  My length of what is called "Active Insulin" is very
short also (2 hours).  Most get up to 6 hours.  As you move along with the
pump, these items may pop up.  Don't be turned off if they do.  My a1c hangs
around 6.1, with my highest readings right before a site change when my bgs
jump to 200ish.  I try to get the 3 days, but should probably get into the
habit of changing 2-3 days.
I ramble - Best of luck - you'll do just fine
Dick - 62 - just got my 1st SSI check - happy days
>> I am totally new to you all so I'm 58 A RN who has type 2 but very
> resistant I was taking 60 Lantus and 68 novolog a day (68/3=32ish a meal)
> about 30 carbs a meal now I'm at 2 u novolog/hr with boluses at 1 to 5
> carbs
> much less..

Actually, most of us do get more than the recommended (wink, wink) 3 days
alloted by MM.  I will go 3 days and then key "new sensor" without taking
the old one out.  Within minutes it will ask for your BG.  Very easy.  Some
even will get longer, but I like to take it out on the evening if day 6 and
get a nice strong charge on the transmitter.
Anyway, problably "too much information" for you right now...but I am glad
you are having such positive results on your pump and looking forward to
hearing more as time goes on. Welcome        Cynthia
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