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[IP] new pumper

I am totally new to you all so I'm 58 A RN who has type 2 but very insulin
resistant I was taking 60 Lantus and 68 novolog a day (68/3=32ish a meal)
about 30 carbs a meal now I'm at 2 u novolog/hr with boluses at 1 to 5 carbs
much less..I was manually corrective bolusing 2 or 4 times a day now I
finally switched to a pump and II love it. 

I got a Medtronic minimed paradigm 722 with the radio connected meter works
great. I hope to get the CGM but the insurance wants me to wait 3 months if
they will pay for it I'll be glad 2.I have worn it for 2 days and that saved
me 16 shots and my bs has never been this level before. I had a ac1 of 6.0
with injections so I hope to hit the 5.5 with the pump..ha-ha

Are there any usrs out there who leave the cgm wire in longer than the 3
days to defray the costci read they become more sensitive the longer they
are in and FDA approval for longer than 3 days is in the works.
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