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Re: [IP] Freestyle Flash Meter

 Thanks for the info Karen. Both of my daughters are on the Deltec Cozmo and use
the Freestyle Flash. I definately will look into it.

Thanks again,
mom of Marisa age 12 1/2 dxd at age 3, Emily age 10 dxd at 23 months

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>Sent: Sep 29, 2007 1:23 AM
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>Subject: [IP] Freestyle Flash Meter
>One of my Freestyle Flash meters has a dead battery.  I was at  Walgreens the 
>other day and didn't have it with me, so I looked up the 1-800  number 
> (actually 1-888) on the side of a Flash box to call and ask for the correct
>size for my Flash.  The customer service person told me  that because I had 
>an older model meter I was eligible for a free  upgrade.  I didn't have my 
 > meter with me, so I went home and would call later. I just called and the
> on the phone was very nice. She looked up my serial number and sure enough, I
>am eligible.  So I'm getting  a new meter, it's the same size as my Flash, 
 > bigger font size and still has the back light. It uses the same test strips
>the Flash, so I can use the  strips I have at home.  She offered to send me 
>50 test strips along with  the new meter, I said Thank You.  She needed some 
> info to process the order. When she asked me how many times I test per day, I
>told her 12-15  times (and yes, I do test that often, I just checked my 
 > history on my Cozmo). She was impressed, then said she was going to send me
> test strips instead of 50. I thought that was really nice. So, if any of you
>have an older Freestyle Flash, it's worth checking into.  The  phone number 
>is on the back of the meter.
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