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[IP] non-responsive button on MM pump

I went to check something on my MM715 earlier and the
down arrow button (with the lightbulb symbol on it)
wouldn't respond.  After pressing it a bunch of times
it would sometimes take but now it won't work at all. 
I just called Minimed and she first had me replace the
battery, even though everything else is working just
fine.  That, of course, did no good so they're sending
me a replacement pump.

I to continue using the pump until I get the new one
on Tuesday, but it means I can't turn on the
backlight, check IOB or anything else that doesn't
appear on the first few lines of a screen.  It also
means that I can't get to any other menu option
(suspend, prime etc) so I have to hope I don't need to
do anything like that.  I put in a new set on Thursday
and was going to change it today, but if I do I won't
be able to prime it.  I could just bolus 12 units or
so, I guess.

I've been reading the thread about leaving sets in
longer than 3 days and since mine is working fine, I
feel okay leaving it in for another 2 days.  That's
not something I normally do, though.

Anyone else ever continue using a pump with a stuck button?

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005

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