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[IP] unexplained lows

I've been sick with this upper resp. virus thingy for a week now.  I've been
fighting some up and down numbers.  I had a couple of highs which I sort of
expected with being sick (nothing over 180 though).  Now, today I've been
fighting lows all day.  My numbers look like this today:


Fasting 71 (skipped breakfast)

Pre-lunch 71

Post lunch 63 (corrected with 15 grams carb)

Pre dinner 85

Post dinner 65 (just corrected with 15 grams)


(I usually strive for 90-110 with pretty good success)


But, I used a combo bolus for dinner because I had a nice fatty serving of
mac n cheese so I have a lot of insulin still on board.  I'm anticipating a
couple of more corrections over the next few hours.  I'm going to just keep
monitoring and making little adjustments because I don't want to rebound


I haven't changed my basal and have been bolosing for my normal carb:insulin
ratio.  I've been sick so no abnormal activity.I've actually been more
sedentary than usual.


Anyone here experience lows when sick?  This is goofy to me.remember, I'm
new to pumping and have only recently started on insulin again after 6 years
of being on oral meds.


Maybe someone here has some words of wisdom.  I'm hesitant to raise my basal
because of just one low day but I'm wondering if I should set a temp rate
especially for overnight.



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