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[IP] infusion set and reservoirs

 <<Has any one used the infusion set and reservoirs more than the suggested two
day limit?>>

Oh yeah. 
 Two day.. change, nope, three day.. nope, four day.. nope.. I go as long as my
site stays good, and I am getting very good control, and my cartridge.. I use it
until the 300u + is gone (I over fill my cartidge as to be able to prime tubing
by manually priming. And then some times my pump will say I have 302.8 or there
about worth of insulin in the cartridge. .. between 6.5 and 7 days.. sometimes 8
days worth of insulin (unless sick and on prednisone, then that 300+ units..
maybe 2 days.. most times it lasts a day and a half).

R. Leppanen
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