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RE: [IP] Diabetic diet and "cheating"

 <<"Non-compliant" is a derogatory term used by doctors who are either too
afraid to admit that they don't know everything or who are so insecure that they
cannot accept what really does occur to their patients regardless of their
recommendations. "The doctor was non-compliant with helping me achieve my bg
objectives and tended to not listen to my explanation that my bgs did not follow
the way he said that they would even though I did follow his directions." THAT
is where the term "non-compliant" belongs, not on diabetics who do their best to
achieve control.>>

Very well said George. I agree with this 100%. 
 This is why my doctors just write out the prescriptions, and order the tests
that I want in regards to my diabetes treatment. I am the one in charge. Not
them. I am the one that has to live with this darn disease 24/7/365, and not
them. It took some persuation to get it this way, but I managed it.. My doctor
treats diabetes in her practice.. but I am the ONLY type 1, and pumper that she
takes care of. Insurance issues, has not allowed me to see a endo, even if I
wanted, other than the portland diabetes and endocrinology centre (pdec). I had
a doc that was NON-compliant in my treatment. Took me off a insulin that worked
so much better than NPH, because of a issue at the time, and when that was
solved (Lantus was contraindicated in the issue), he refused to allow me to go
back on lantus which was working much better than NPH, and then he or his staff
was NON-compliant in other issues. I had Never recieved a phone call back in
regards to a question on what I should do, in regar!
  ds to the lows, and highs. all he wanted to do is yell at me.. litterally yell
at me because my readings were NOT within HIS guidelines.. they were either way
to high, or way to low.. and the hospitalization because of them (could not get
them either down or up and for them to stay up or stay down.).
 I had scheduled my next appt (3 mo), talked to my reg. doc about it.. and he
told me that he would be willing to treat my diabetes, and that I did not need a
doc that would litterally yell at me because I was "non-compliant" when in
reality I was, it was he, the endo that was non-compliant.
 For those that wonder about name Stephen O. (stands for Oscar) Bookin MD at
PDEC's St V's office.

R. Leppanen
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