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[IP] filling cartridges

I change tubing when I fill cartridges, making use there are no air 
bubbles in 315 ml cartridge.  (Accu-Chek Spirit pump). 
I had used a Disetronic H-tron with same cartridge and did not want a 
pump with less than 315 ml.
I fill 5 cartridges at a time as I use Apidra, 4 cartridges fit in vial 
box for storage in frig. (When on Novolog, I'd do 6 as 5 fit in vial box.)
I don't know if other pumps come with a plastic holder for vial and 
cartridge for filling.  Otherwise, I would be sticking self, and 
spilling insulin, having trouble getting last drop out of vial, (needle 
would go into vial too far dropping things and etc!   I did have one 
wear out  once and it was replaced. 
I don't re-use tubing, but have and still don't/didn't have air bubbles 
in tubing as I would use a full prime (25 units) unless I can see there 
is no air in line.
I think it is too hard to "guess" the effects from lack of insulin due 
to air bubbles.
Most times, I use insulin to last drop.
Pump beeps low cartridge, I get one out to warm to room temp. lin k
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