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[IP] Using stuff beyond two days...


  My son Joshua, now almost 16 and pumping half his life, changes out the
cartridge when it gets empty, or close to it. We have an alarm for warning at 20
units or less. Then his site is changed out every 4 days...or when he remembers
after he shuts off THAT alarm. He has been known to go a full week, which we
totally discourage, but it does happen on occasion.

 I figured it out a long time ago that the manufacturers set those 2-3 days
limits partly because of potential medical risks, but MOSTLY, because the more
often you change things out the more often you need to change and then purchase
more supplies.

 So of course they are going to tell you, as a newbie, that you should change
everything every two days. That sort of goes along with when you are first dxd
and they tell you to change out the lancet after every use. How many people do

 Hope that helps. The reality is that most people who are training and selling
do NOT live with D. or have to buy all the supplies required to live with it.
They don't have a clue (I realize there are exceptions to this that is why I
said most...)

mom to Joshua
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