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Re: [IP] Pump failure?

Any unusual activity? Or any?  That can have a lasting effect of 24 hours.
Any alcohol?  Maybe you shouldn't go to bed with a 108? Drop your basal
earlier say 10pm or even 9.  Are you taking any corrections after diner?
Maybe increase your target to at least 120, and if it's below that before
bed, eat something.

Are these lows in the same site? try not using that spot for awhile.  If you
have an unexplained HI, they tell you to change, but you should always
change too if you have an unexplained low.  Could be an absorption issue.
Insulin could be pooling, then suddenly dumping in your system.

Just throwing out ides, your probably already aware of, but just a thought.

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From: "Morrisey, Jason" <email @ redacted>
My blood sugar at night has been dropping like a rock and Monday my wife
again had to call 911 and they had to put in a IV right then and there.  Now
here is my question,  Last night I decreased my basal rate in half from
12:00 am to 7:00 am and before I went to bed my sugar level was 108 and I
set the alarm for 3am to test and see what my level would be since I cut the
rate in half.  At 3am it was at 36 again now I am thinking that my pump is
giving me more insulin than it should be because of the low blood sugars at
night even cut in half it was 36.  I called Anamis today and they are going
to send me a new pump.  Anyone have any problems like this? Do you think it
would be the pump?  I have no Idea what is making my sugars go so low and I
did the same thing both nights so I am not sure what is happening now.  Any
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