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RE: [IP] 1999 Orders/Bills-Do you have any?

 -- On Tue 09/30, Richard Haynes < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Richard Haynes [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 14:32:14 -0700 (PDT)Subject: [IP]
1999 Orders/Bills-Do you have any?Hi,I just got a bill for something(?) on
04/09/1999 and 02/24/1999 from MM. Theysay if I pay the bills by 10/27/2003 I
can get a 15% off the bill.Does anyone have this interaction from
 Richard, and the rest of you that get something like this more than two years
old...do NOT pay wothout doing some things first.
 1)see if you still have a copy of the Explaination of Benefits (EOB) that tells
how much the insurance paid and how much you owed. This will also tell you IF
the company has a right to expect you to pay the difference. If not, they have
NO legal recourse to come after you now. 2)if you do not have the EOB, call the
insurance company and ask if they paid that claim and if you owe any of it to
the company. 3) if you have switched insurance companies, call the old one and
tell them.4)once you have verified with the insurance companiy the status of the
claims, then call MM but ONLY if you owe them anything. If you do not owe them
anything, let the insurance company call them.
 Claims over 18-24 months old are usually denied by an insurance company as *not
filed in a timely manner* and the companies usually will come back to us, the
*poor smuck* to see if we will just see the bill and pay it. Or they are trying
to clear up all their old bills cause they forgot to do all their old accounting
and *oops, got caught* and now they have to send out all these really OLD bills.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, y'all got caught in that. I spent the better part of
6 months fighting with a hospital system over the same thing. About the time I'd
get one set cleared, they'd find a new set. I finally called the CFO directly
and told him that if his people didn't get their act together, I was filing a
complaint with the state. Got it solved within the week.
 One thing I have learned over the years is to be absolutely paranoid when it
comes to anything related to medical paperwork. I keep bills and payments for 7
years. I even keep outdated insurance cards for five. EOB's get filed for that
long. If I have to dispute something, I get names and extension numbers and
times of day. In other words, I document fully. It has saved us more than once.
That hospital system, I refered to above? They said we owed over $2,000...by the
time I got thru with them, they owed me $15.00. Not much but it was better than
me having to pay them anything. Liz

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