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[IP] trick for using old sets with new paradigm pumps - and site longevity

Hi folks,


Forgive me if this topic has been covered a dozen times.   I am
presently going through my digests and have made it up to August so I am
waaaaayyyy behind on postings. I came across a number of postings about
not being able to use regular sets with Paradigms and wanted to share
what we do.



Our daughter Erica, aka Canadian butterfly, is testing out a Paradigm
pump and giving her 507C a well deserved rest.  Prior to this trial,I
ordered approx 6 months worth of supplies for the 507C.  What to do with
all these quicksets which won't fit the paradigm??  Make em :-)


-          We purchased some Paradigm Quicksets sets and Erica uses
their tubing on the regular quicksets as well.  No need to return them
or sell them.  She uses 2 regular sets to every paradigm set so gets 3
site changes out of one piece of paradigm tubing.




-          Those of you who know us from waaaayyyy back may remember
that we had to mix H and R in the reservoir of Erica's pump in order to
get more than 24 hours out of a site.  Erica started using the Novorapid
in February/03 (that's what it is called in Canada) and her sites are
lasting up to 6 days.  I was unaware that Erica was letting them go so
long.  What happened was that she was forgetting to make the site
changes because they kept working, and working, and working.  Unlike
when she was on the Humalog, she was not seeing sugars climbing on that
3rd day which were a reminder that it was time for a site change. 


It is so exciting to hear of all the new pumpers joining the ranks!
WOOHOO!!  Congratulations!



Barb Chafe

Insulin Pumpers Canada

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