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RE: [IP] Pump failure?


has all of this happened suddenly, i.e. never any problems before that?
how long did you use this basal before the problems occured?
any excercise (even something like a longer walk) before going to bed? 

generally it seems unusual to me (and I am not a doc) that your basal is
higher in the first couple of night hours than in the morning hours. as
far as I know insulin sensitivity is highest around 2-3am and lowest
around 5-7am.

unless your basal is 0 at all times of the day it does not sound like a
pump failure because similar drops in your bg should have occured during
the day as well.


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>Basal rate was 12am to 2am .9 2am to 7am .8 and no to all the others
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>how much is your basal rate.
>Did you have an alcoholic drink before bed.
>Are you sick, taking any medication.
>Did you bolus too much for your evening meal or snack.
>Hope you figure it out. Best wishes.
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