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Re: [IP] Bolus Calculator on Paradigm 512

Did you go low later?  Sounds to me that things worked out just where they
should be.

2 hours is a bit too soon to tell just where you are going to be when the
insulin is really done working with you. I don't know what you were eating,
so it's hard to tell too just how the carbs would work on you. Might
consider squarewave it for even 30 minutes.

It did do the right thing and took away insulin from your carb bolus because
you were under target.  Is your target too low to start with?  Might need to
check with your Doc or CDE because this is a big YMMV type thing.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Linda Bork" <email @ redacted>
 Hi - Thanks for replying to my question. I am thrilled that the bolus
calculator is working so
well for you.  I just have one more question.
What would you do in this situation that I had at lunch:
BG = 95  (target = 100)
 The bolus calculator told me I needed 3.3 to cover the new food I was
ready to eat. It
 subtacted -.1 because I was under target. It also told me I still had 1.4
 I went ahead and took the bolus it suggested. My 2 hour after meal number
125, which is too
low for me considering I still have active insulin at work.

 I think I should have subtracted at least half the active insulin from my

 Do you make adjustments to the suggestions or do you always use the

 By the way, I think this is AWESOME. I agree that it is going to help me

Thanks for your help,
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