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Re: [IP] Bolus Calculator on Paradigm 512

The remaining amount is to cover what you had taken. To account for blood
sugar levels.  If you are taking in food, then it's going to figure that
that food will require x to cover it regardless. Mostly if your bg is above

Maybe I'm not explaining myself properly. If your below your target, it will
correct and subtract insulin amounts.  If you don't program in the blood
sugar, then it will not calculate at all for active insulin.

The calculations are always very conservative, so try it out and see. If
it's not working for you then change your ratios. I'm finding it does the
math beautifully for me.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Linda Bork" <email @ redacted>

 I just upgraded from the Paradigm 511 to the 512. I love it! I am using the
basal increments
 (I run .35 most of the day), I don't have to tell it what kind of insulin I
everytime I change
my reservoir, it has more information on the status screen, etc.
 I am using the bolus calculator, too, but I am confused about something. It
often shows
'remaining insulin' but does not subtract it from my suggested bolus.
 Is this correct? Do I have to manually subtract it? (that's not what the
guide shows).
 I am thinking about calling MM, but thought I would check and see if any of
have the same
thing happening and know why.

Linda - on my 4th MM model (506, 507, 511, 512).
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