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[IP] Bolus Calculator on Paradigm 512

 I just upgraded from the Paradigm 511 to the 512. I love it! I am using the new
basal increments
 (I run .35 most of the day), I don't have to tell it what kind of insulin I use
everytime I change
my reservoir, it has more information on the status screen, etc.
 I am using the bolus calculator, too, but I am confused about something. It
often shows
'remaining insulin' but does not subtract it from my suggested bolus.
 Is this correct? Do I have to manually subtract it? (that's not what the user
guide shows).
 I am thinking about calling MM, but thought I would check and see if any of you
have the same
thing happening and know why.

Linda - on my 4th MM model (506, 507, 511, 512).

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