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[IP] Allergy to IV3000

Kathleen Wrote:
I'm apparently allergic to IV Prep.  I'm not getting as good as adhesion as
I would like without it.  Has anyone been through a similar problem?  I like
to get in the hot tub and without the IV Prep, the IV 3000 is sliding off.
Sharon and my newly acquired companion, Buckwheat replied:
I had the similar problem with the IV 3000 tape, I think the tape caused me to
sweat. I would usually apply the clear solid kind of antiperspirant to the
site area before the IV wipe scrub-down and IV 3000 tape. That would work for
a while before coming off - this is when I was on soft-sets. I have found that
the tape around quicksets and silhouettes work better for me. For me, they
allow for movement and skin-breathing, I haven't had a problem in a few years
with these sets. I hope this helps. Sharon B and Buckwheat
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