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[IP] site degradation and visible skin problems

> I was thinking of switching to my upper abdomen.  I have hesitated to do
>so because I remember when I was on injections on my upper abdomen I would
>hit sensitive areas frequently.   I have never had this problem using the
>lower abdomen.

>>I heard this talked about before but I still don't understand. Perhaps it
>>a boy/girl issue? If you define lower abdomen as at or below the beltline
>>and upper abdomen as above the beltline (is that the way you define it?)
>>do you possibly put a site in the lower abdomen without it being scraped
>>by your belt the first time you sit down? or reach up and stretch?

I refer to lower abdomen (belly) as below the beltline (where my belly button
is) & upper abdomen as above.  I use both (avoiding the actual beltline/belly
button) and have never had a site scraped off.  I don't get the boy/girl
issue...  Are you referring to the pants/dress issue?  I'm a 57 year old
female and haven't worn a dress in many years.  I just can't visualize what
you're referring to.  How could my belt possible move into either area:  It's
at my waist.  I lift, bend, stretch, do yoga, work in the garden...  my belt
just doesn't move around like that.  What am I missing here?

Lee, Type 1 32 years, pumping for a year and a half
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