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Re: [IP] extended bolus help


Josh is now on the Deltec Cozmo so we are also new to the extended or 
 combination bolus. We are using it for pizza, mac n' cheese, cheese sandwiches,
 Oh also Mexican food.  We have this combo/extended bolus labelled as PIZZA.  
We have it set up that 50% of the total bolus is given immediately and the 
 rest is given over 2 hours. We do not re-check his BGs (unless of an emergency)
until atleast half hour after the extension is complete (Even that may be too 
soon but we are talking about a growing boy here....LOL!!!).  The pump lets 
us know when it is done by a single beep.

So far we have been dead-on and I LOVE it!  But like everything else this is 
a YMMV sort of thing.  So what works for Josh might not work for you or anyone 
else.  But it may give you an idea of how you might set things up.  It is 
also a good trial and error type of thing.

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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