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Re: [IP] Choosing a Pump

Pumpers and Friends,
      LOL thanks George :-) its been a hard week for me need your post.

> If one of these reps tells you that  their competition produces an
inferior product that will >"jeopardize"  you, run away from them, you are
in danger.  They are not being
> honest and the ONE thing a diabetic HAS to have is TOTAL honesty.  >
> And to you "snake-oil" salesmen, stay off of my porch or I will be
> calling the "honesty police" and you will be convicted!  The only
> person more scurrilous than a doctor saying you're "non-compliant" is
> a pump rep. who can't play fair.  You are hereby warned!!!

    And if the other pump is so bad now about the one thats better give me a
one of the "NEW BETTER ONES" to use for 3 months ...because if it is that
better, I will be happy to try it out... and if it is I will keep it ...if
not well ... I'll give it back.

                                             REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

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