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[IP] overcorrecting

I have been away and am catching up on the list postings. I just read of the
list member who overcorrected and got into big trouble. Since being on the
Paradigm 512 almost 2 months, I have really appreciated the bolus wizard
feature. When I am high it keeps me from overcorrecting. If I am over
"normal"--say 250, I will go to bolus wizard, it will read bg 250 --from the
meter link, I enter carbs = 0, and may tell me O bolus due to active insulin
(due to my last bolus or the basal rate I am receiving). If I did not have
this feature, I may just arbitrarily bolus to come down, and then I would
over bolus. This has been very helpful to me. I know, without the wizard
feature, we are all supposed to calculate the proper bolus, but I am not
sure I would always do that.

Dx'd '97 Type I at age 57
pumping 2 months
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