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[IP] Potential doctor interview

> I have had SOME docs tell me that they can not take me on during that
> interview because I was "diabetic" but then the state board of medical
> examiners took care of that for me (hehe... don't like to be repremanded
> and threatened with revocation of licence to practice medicine now do
> they)

Hello Becca,

I agree it is a good idea to have an "interview session" with a prospective

But, I don't understand what you were saying in the above paragraph. What is
wrong with a doctor telling you that he can not, or does not want to, take you
as a patient because you are diabetic?

And why would you want to refer some physician, who did not want you as a
patient to the state board of medical examiners?  Can't he or she judge you as
a potential patient as well as you judge them as a potent doctor?  Maybe you
failed the interview.

Just curious?  Maybe I, and others, misinterpreted what you meant.

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