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Re: [IP] Accu-Check Palm Pilot Software

I have two Accu-chec compacts (the drum machines).  One I keep in my purse 
 and one stays on the countertop at home. I am a substitute school teacher K-12
and found for me this works best for my lifestyle.

I beam each machine into the Palm (which has the Pocket compact software) 
 then sync the info to the computer. I then open the Compass software and import
it into that software and can print reports from there for my doctor.

My fault but that is as far as I have been able to go with it.  I haven't had 
the time to figure out how to incorporate carb information, pump information 
(basal and bolus) or exercise information into this program.

One thing I really do like is how easy it is to do the beaming, hot synching, 
importing, and printing parts.  Especially since I use two meters.  The 
 information shows up in chronological order as if all readings were taken on

Anyone have any suggestions on how I could incorporate the carb info, insulin 
and exercise information into this, I appreciate any help.  Until Sept 30th I 
am a slave to taking continuing education courses for my CPA license.  Then I 
will have met my three year licensing period to stay certified.  Almost 

Cee Dee 
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