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I have been using a Deltec Cozmo pump since early June, and am very
impressed. The paperwork process to get the pump went very well, with lots
of hands-on help and assistance from Deltec.

I had a replacement pump sent out a few weeks after I got mine, for a
problem that turned out to be non-existent. After about 2-3 weeks on the
pump, I noticed a rainbow-type marking on the screen, only in certain light
and at certain angles. However, the first time I noticed it was on a camping
trip, when getting dressed after a short swim in the lake. I was worried
that water or moisture entered the pump, but since then I realized this is
just the polarized lens on the display, and it's perfectly normal. The
replacement pump came promptly -- I called on Friday afternoon, and it was
delivered on Monday. (They did offer Saturday delivery, but I declined,
since the pump never malfunctioned and I have 2 H-Trons to use as backups
now.) Very responsive and pleasant over the phone.

I live less than 10 miles from where the Cozmo is made, and I was able to
set up a tour of the manufacturing facility. My dad, also a Cozmo pumper, is
an electrical engineer in the biomedical field, and I'm just naturally
curious about how these things are made. Can't wait to go out there -- I
think it's the end of next week! I'll post a report to the list after the

Deltec issued a press release in August concerning upgrades to the pump
software, and assured everyone that the software upgrades will be free of
charge. When the FDA approves the "CozMore" system linking a Therasense BG
meter to the Cozmo, the only additional cost will be for the meter itself.
The current PC software is great too -- only complaint is that the reports
are only available in one format (graphs would be great to see).

Anyway, that's my opinion. Let me know if you want more info.


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From: "Jonathan Dovev" <email @ redacted>

> I would be interested in learning of Cozmo pump users
> and what your expereinces are with this new pump that
> came out late last year. How do you rate their
> customer service and overall communications.
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