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[IP] Being off the pump

Okay guys, i've been lurking and not posting much. However I felt I needed to 
put down my 2 cents. 

I wore the pump for 3 years and I went off the pump about 6 months ago. Like 
some people have stated here, its a choice of pumping, which is true. But 
also, for me- it was necessary. 

I loved the pump, however gradually over time I really lost control. The pump 
gave me so much freedom that I started not checking my blood sugars and 
because of the flexibility I was not on a schedule where I would be checking 
 regularly and basically lost track. So after ending up in the ICU last summer
 ketosacidis and six months struggling after that. My doctor decided I needed to
go off the pump and back to MDI. This forced me to get back on a regular 
schedule, and I have finally gotten back on track, checking my blood sugar at 
 least 4 time a day. My a1c was at about 14 when I was in the hospital and since
 then dropped to 8.5 at my last appointment and I am working on getting it
I was needless to say shocked with the 8.5 a1c even though it's not exactly 
great but the best i've had in probably 10 years.  

Frankly, I hate being on MDI, my legs and arms are bruised from so many 
 injections. I hate not being able to have the freedom of having a snack with
just a
push of a button to bolus. I would have to take another shot. I know that 
 with the pump I would be able to achieve better control than being on MDI, but
takes a lot of work. My doctor and I have agreed that within the next 3 
months if everything's going well we will get me back on the pump,to give it 
 another try. I am looking foward to going back on the pump and with being back
 track my blood sugars will become more stable and life will become a bit
The only thing i've got a bit used to not having something attached to me 
24/7 but the pump is worth it.   

Just a different perspective on pumping and not pumping. 

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