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Re: [IP] Why do we have to have these discussions with doctors..

>>It just seems like there should be some standard
of diabetes care that is more update and universal so we all get the
best of care.  <<

Yes there are standards of care for Diabetes.
The most common is the ADA's Clinical Practice Recommendations
( http://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/vol26/suppl_1/)

Please read and if your doctor or hospital is not following them ask why.

The world of doctors is an old boy network that is very slow to change
(Sorry Spot but that's the truth)

But it does change.
I work at a large Teaching Hospital.
Most of the Residents are clueless to modern Diabetes care.
 When I see stupid orders, I question them and ask why aren't they following ADA
Unfortunately most of the time the Residents just end up running away.

Last night a new resident wrote appropriate Diabetes Orders.
Basal Insulin as well as a sliding scale.
Fingersticks 6 times a day instead of the usual four.
Coverage beginning at 121 instead of the usual 250.
A regular diet with a nutritional consult instead of the nonexistent ADA diet.
 I leaned over the counter, kissed her on top of her head and said thank you on
behalf off all diabetics.

She looked shocked and said all Diabetics deserve tight control.
 Tight control leads to less complications and has a lower Hospitalized
Mortality rate.

I went to kiss her again, but she just ran away.

John and his NEW version 2.0 Paradigm

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