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You wrote: 

Another thing to note is that MTM's hubby is a cardiologist and probably 
  knows very little about diabetes, except what he has learned form his wife.
MTM probably knows very little about the pump.  Again it is definitely a YMMV 
type of thing.

mom to Joshua whose A1C has dropped dramatically on the pump and we couldn't 
even imagine doing shots again!!!

 Please take this as "food for thought" and I know I'm being a wee bit (maybe
over?) sensitive, but my wife (and Mom to our 8 y/o pumper) is also a
cardiologist and IMHO knows enough endo to sit for and pass her endo boards. She
in fact knows more about Type I DM than many practicing endos, NP's and DE's.
Just because someone has another medical specialty does not mean they do or do
not know about a disease. It's determined more by the person and their interest
in how other diseases affect their specialty. Remember, even the "holy" Barbara
Davis Center in Denver has a "corporate" position opposing pumps in young kids
and they claim to be the virtual center of the universe for DM. In short, let's
not be so quick to denigrate Ms. Moore's spouse and his knowledge about the
disease; for all we know he's trying to get her to use one.

Best regards (and no offense meant)
Andrew, dad to Eric, dx 9/25/00, pumping since 5/01 (508, 511, and now Cozmo)
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