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Re: [IP] Which infusion sites from Minimed meet the Animas Pump?

At 10:35 PM 9/24/03, you wrote:
>  I am trying to order the correct infusion sites from Minimed that will 
> match my
>Animas pump correctly (because insurance covers it). I like the Softsets, the
>ones that are longer and you insert at a 30 degree angle. I ordered the 
>ones for
>the Paradigm, and they don't fit my pump. Do the Minimed 508s? Someone, please
>help! Thanks!

Softsets insert at a 90 degree angle.  It sounds like you're talking about 
the Silhouettes.  They insert at a 30 degree angle.  You just need to order 
them for the 508 not the Paradigm.  Just tell MiniMed you don't have a 

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