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re:[IP] Airport Screening

just a remark on yirport checks. I had the pleasure of flying to toronto
from the local airport (willard) via chicago. I was selcted for special
search in champaign and again on the way back in toronto. In champaign
they didn't see (find) the syrings which I had in my luggage basically
because they didn't even check the outside compartments. They "found" the
pump. I usually warn them about it because it scared one of the security
people to death that the beeper went of on my pocket and there was
"something in a box-like shape" 8} they knew what an insulin pump was (so
I was allowed to board the flight - I wait for the time they tell me I
can't unless I leave the pump).

Different story in toronto: The first guy who searched me told me I
should put it (the pump) on a desk (very funny -idiot). before I could
start arguing luckily his supervisor came along and told him that it is
ok if I hold it in my hand. I was searched again at the gate (must be
very suspicious;) She was so embarassed to see all that medical stuff
(and my explanations) that she hardly looked at anything (not even the

overall I slowly gettng fed up with all that security things especially
when getting "special treatment" and even more when I see how carelessly
they sometimes look at things (and when I have to explain what "that
thing in my pocket" is;)



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