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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 20:45:51 -0500
From: "Michelle & Howard Schlight" <email @ redacted>

hope MTM's numbers are better than this young lady's

but if she is not ready to take the responsibilities, then it is not right
for her..at 13, she has to be responsible for the pump if she gets one!

- ----- Original Message -----

> On Sunday I walked in the local Juvenile Diabetes Walk here in Ogdensburg,
> NY.   A 13 year old diabetic girl was the local rep for the Juvenile
>  Meeting in Washington, DC. Her grandmother said that Mary Tyler Moore
spoke at
> the meeting and MTM said that she would not go for a pump.   This 13 year
> told me that her latest A1C was 10.7.   I told her that mine was 7.3 with
> pump and a friend in KY (Nanceseven) had a latest A1C of 6.7.   This local
>  gal says "NO!" to the pump. Her doctor has warned her about her high A1Cs
> that complications could be coming.
> I hear that MTM's hubby is a doctor, but.....what can we do?
- ----------------------------------------------------------Who cares about
MTM's statements. MTM is almost blind from retinopathy.
Who knows if she can handle a pump. Her husband and I know each other from
Internship. He is a smart guy but that  does not mean that MTM is smart enough
to be a pumper.  I find its best to be in charge of your own disease if you
are 13, 15, 30, 45 or 60 years old. it does take soime maturity and an open
mind. Diabetes does kill, keep it in mind. high A1c's are a formula for
serious problems in life., spot...
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