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[IP] site degradation, or generally unattactive stomach marks

hi there all,

as i get closer to my start date, im starting to worry (already!) about 
running out of sites! i recently read in dr. bernstein's diabetes solution 
that *all* of his patients who had been on the pump for more than four 
years had site degradation. now, site degradation is one thing, but how 
many of you have visible longterm "lumps" from pumping? im the slightest 
bit vain, and i do worry -- even more than just wearing the pump-- about 
getting "pitting" or lumps. ive been on mdi since i was 21 (8 years)  and 
other than lots of bruises since im thin, no lumps or bumps or site 
the pump is attractive enough of an option for me to get over this cosmetic 
problem, but, i do like to know what im getting into.
so: bare bones question, i guess, how many of long term pumpers have 
scarring or visible skin evidence of pumping (other than the pump itself ;))

oh, and,
and thanks to all of you who responded to my question about insurance 
coverage-- im asking my insurance about their coverage for durable medical 



Ruth Jennison
English Dept.
University of California, Berkeley
320 Wheeler Hall
Berkeley, California
tel. 510-666-0560

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