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[IP] What to do when this happens

Jason Wrote:
Anyone have Idea what to do when this
happens and no one is there to help?
Sharon Replied:
Before pumping, I had that same difficulty with awfully low sugars. My husband
and I were afraid what would happen if I ran into problems in the night. We
set the alarm clocks (a few in the house) for me to check in the middle of the
night-on shots, I had a peak of insulin around 2 AM so we woke to check it
before. On MDI, I had problems with peaks especially when there was no food in
my stomach. We also had other family members stay with me too.
Now that I have been pumping, I have not had any problems in the middle of the
Is your basals set too high? Did you over dose a bolus? Misjudge carbs or
exercise? When I exercise, I give myself half the dose after a meal as well as
have a lower basal rate during exercise times. Some people can have low blood
sugar hours after exercise. I have learned to trust the pump when I test and
my blood sugar is a little high like 160-180. For instance I know to give
myself a correction bolus of one unit anticipating being active for the next
hour or so.
Or even it my blood sugar is a little high before bedtime, I don't correct
that either because the basal rate gets the BG down a bit for me-I always wake
up in range the next morning. Good luck and take care! Sharon B
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