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Re: [IP] Re: Medtronic MinMed

How long ago did you get your last box of supplies?  Because this change
just started rather recently.  Prior to that all my supplies were just left
at the door, and on other packages where the shipper wanted it signed for
(things my mother has sent me), the Fedex guy goes ahead and leaves it
because I have an authorization form on file telling them to do that.  In
this case, however, when I spoke to the delivery person on their second
delivery attempt, she said there were specific delivery instructions from
the shipper (MiniMed) and there was nothing she could do.  I just checked
the packing slip for that delivery, dated 7/5/03 (for two reservoirs) and it
has "Signature: Required" on it.  Looking back at other packing slips, they
say "Signature: Normal".  Next time I call to order supplies, I'm going to
ask if they can just leave it and see what they say.  If they can't, then
I'll have them delivered to my place of work.


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> From: "Shawna" email @ redacted
> For your information, in this case, you can't sign the delivery
> slip they leave at your door and have them leave the supplies the
> day. You have to sign for the delivery in person and be there to take
> possession of it. This makes sense for a pump, but not for a couple of
> replacement reservoirs (see my earlier posts).
> Shawna
> Maybe it's the FedEx guy/gal, or your local FedEx policy, and not MiniMed,
> because I thought all had to be signed for, and my last delivery of
> was left on my side porch, while I was out for a few hours.  No note, no
> nothing - didn't find them til my dd came in hours later with the box, as
> sat wondering where FedEx was!  (We normally use a different door than our
> side porch for coming and going)  That box could have sat there for a
> days before noticing it and I can't ever remember signing anything for
> that boxes could just be left... though dh might have.  Still, I was
> surprised even to leave that, which was hundreds of dollars of supplies...
> Danielle
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