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Re: [IP] Glucose Tabets in bulk

In a message dated 9/24/03 12:44:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Mike,
> Have you tried Costco?  I haven't yet but may check out their pharmacy.  You 
> do NOT have to be a Costco member to use their pharmacy

My husband is a Costco member and for years we bought 50 count bottles of 
 glucose tablets for $4.99 there. No more. The tablets are kept at the pharmacy
on a shelf behind the cashier.  I would have to wait on a line with people 
 placing there prescriptions to be filled or picking up and paying for them. All
I needed to do was to have them hand me the tablets and I would pay for them 
at the main register with other thing I was purchasing.  I though that was a 
 waste of time but I thought it was cheaper. With the new rules, my husband has
to wait on the line with me because he is the card holder and must present it 
at the pharmacy register because it must be paid for there.  This means I have 
to wait on two lines to pay.  Disgusted with my paying privilege to shop 
 there with all this confusion, I went to Walmart and found that the 50ct tablet
bottles are sold on the sales floor for $4.79 and I can pay at the main 

I was told at first by Costco that they had no floor space available for the 
tablets and that is why they were behind the counter.  Then I was told it was 
a theft issue.  Understand that I can walk around the store with bottles of 
vitamin or a  $100.00 bottle of wine and no one cares

Walmart has better flavors!

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