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[IP] Minimed Response & E39

I finally called to have my Paradigm Switched out.
I got this little clear beauty April 4, 2002.
 Yeah, I got the occasional E23 error and it was a pain to reprogram but this is
just a machine.
 I work with a lot of medical equipment that costs a whole lot more then the
Paradigm and cause a lot more grief.

But I have been getting more and more E39 errors.
They are happening about every 5 days now.
The E39 sounds like a siren,
The Screen goes black and then the minimed screen appears.
None of the buttons work for a while,
then it will go to a rewind prompt followed by a reprogram alert.
 Occasionally I can only get the buttons to work by taking the battery out and
putting a new one in.

Very unnerving.
 It's more then a little said to tell this poor little Paradigm that's been
everywhere with me and kept me alive for the last 1 1/2 years that it's a
failure and I'm going to have to replace him.

The new Paradigm will be here tomorrow. (sniff)

Also, while I got Minimed on the phone.........
about this waterproof thing,,,,,,,,,,,
 Told them I was not very happy but a new sports guard would make me feel
 The tech rep said they aren't doing anything about the sports guard or the
waterproof issue. Anything else I may have heard was misinformation.
 She transfered me to a Pump Supply Rep who said the only thing she could do was
offer the sports guard for half price.

 I said unacceptable, and asked to be transfered to the special unit handling
the waterproof issue.

 A very nice gentleman came on and said yes he would send me the sports guard
free of charge. He apologised for the waterproof issue and took my information
to notify upper management.
 He confirmed that Minimed would stand by their original Warranty and the
engineers are working on the waterproof issues but had no timeframes available.

 I would like to thank Minimed for putting out a wonderful product and for
trying to do the right thing when they found this problem.

 However, this is the same issue I have had with Minimed's Customer Service from
the start. Depending on who you talk to, you will get a totally different
 Minimed, you will make your customers happier if all of your phone reps were
reading from the same storybook!!!!!!!!!!

John (Distressed over losing an old friend and anxious about meeting a new one)

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