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[IP] Ketosis vs. Ketoacidosis

I know that this has been asked before, and I did a search on the IP site 
and came back with nothing....so hopefully someone can answer me here, but 
forgive me for not remembering the first time!  Anyway, I am starting to eat 
fewer carbs to find out if this will gain me a little extra control (plus, I 
think I just eat too many to begin with!).  Anyway, if I were to get ketones 
because I am eating fewer carbs, yet my blood sugar is in the normal range, 
is this cause for alarm?  If I remember right, it is only the ketones with 
the high blood sugar (and dehydration) that makes it ketoacidosis, which is 
what I should be concerned about.

Has anyone been on a low-carb diet and have any suggestions/advice about 

Thanks for your help!

Dani Davidson

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