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[IP] Too Rough A Response WAS (Re: Medtronic MinMed )

just so happens, that i too, saw a Ups slip, on my door yesterday..
Also happens, i said to myself, "Da$*#m, dont theses people know i work"

I , however realized, first, that there are some things, simply out of my 
Also, there are some things that i shouldn't get all riled up about.... 
IMO, they're just too trivial

(BTW, it was not MM, and, it appears, that we're talking about a few 
hundred dollars worth
of stuff, and, the companies feel like they need some guarantee, that 
supplies are properly delivered)

Saying to someone "Get a life" (and a few additional choice comments), Was 
(and is) Far from the correct way to communicate that.
My intent was so say "Hey, dont get yourself all riled up, by something, I 
FELT was not
all that worth it"..
(as Dm's, we have enough, in our daily lives, to keep the worry 
going,...  and going, ... and going)

So, i do here Publicly Apologize for that..... i dont thing that my 
thoughts were
all that incorrect, but my reply Surely Was...

having a similar thing happen, that very day, must have triggered something 
in me....
I not only was Extremely ignorant, but, even if i felt like i was justified 
(which i dont),
i Totally disregarded the rules and the Intentions of this site, and that 
can, and never should be, permitted.

As a personal punishment, i will take another few months hiatuses from 
public replies....
(seems like i do need to do that)
l will continue to read,  but, i will remain publicly silent, until the 
time comes
where i feel i may have learned how to behave..... i hope it doesn't take 
all that long
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