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Re: [IP] What to do when this happens

I do have a friend that is very insulin sensitive and does have these
extreme lows, where she needs help.  I think getting a company like Life
Alert 800-815-5922, see if they will work with you. I don't know if they
will work with non-seniors. But they would be life saving. A button pushing
for an extreme low would be helpful. Another thing, is if someone is trying
to call, and you can't answer the phone, their equipment can have an
intercom option.  That might be helpful, then you can mumble something and
they will get the idea you need help.

Testing more often is helpful, but also calculating the unused insulin is
vital as well. Might help to over come the over correcting that could be the
cause for the low. MM's bolus wizard is very conservative, but has worked

I'm sorry that this has happened to you. I'm sure it has to be frustrating,
and a pain to have to have so much dependence on others. But  you know what,
sometimes everyone needs someone to lean on.
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