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[IP] What to do when this happens

Anyone have Idea what to do when this happens and no one is there to help?

The only suggestion I can offer is to test often.

Check often and run a little bit higher than normal if you are going to be 
home alone and no one to help you.

There are times when my husband is gone all day, sometimes leaving before I am 
even out of bed.  He makes sure that before he leaves that I have gotten up 
and checked my BG, and if need be, eat.  He will call me frequently and check 
on me to see what I am doing, where I am, and if I need to eat or have eaten.  
Some may think he is calling on a child to make sure they are doing what they 
are supposed to be doing, but it works for us and has prevented me from many 
lows.  All it takes is 5 seconds to test, do it often.......ask your wife to 
call and check on you from time to time, especially at meal times and before 
going to bed and when you would be getting up in the morning.  

Sometimes it can be a pain in the butt with all the phone calls, but it is 
cheaper and more convenient than 911 coming to the house!

pumping since 3/01 with my Paradigm
T1 20 years
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